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Welcome to our Tango Music Club!

Nothing improves your dancing so much as a good feeling for the special qualities of tango music. The idea of the club was to help you build a library of good tango music, tailored to your own tastes.

The club ran for 8 years, from December 2008 to December 2015, but was forced to close because of the reducing supply of tango CDs, itself a consequence of on-line listening (youtube and spotify) and of course copying.

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This month's cds (July 2011):

Tango Collection - Orquesta Típica Victor
Juan D'Arienzo - Solo Tango RCA Victor 100 Años - Carlos Di Sarli Francisco Canaro - Bailando Tangos, Valses y Milongas

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Tango Collection - Orquesta Típica Victor

Tango Collection - Orquesta Típica Victor

RGS 1642

Wow! A new CD of the Orquesta Típica Victor.

The disc is generous at 23 tracks and there is lots of material that isn't on EURO, including their rare version of El amanecer. Fabulous! If you like the old style music, this is for you.

Track list

  1. Retintín
  2. La cumparsita
  3. VIejo rincón
  4. La payanca
  5. Flor de tango
  6. Re fa si
  7. De mi barrio
  8. Adiós muchachos
  9. Tradición
  10. La sonámbula
  11. Fumando espero
  12. Puente Alsina
  13. Chorra
  14. Dominio
  15. El porteñito
  16. Niño bien
  17. Coqueta
  18. El choclo
  19. La rosarina
  20. El chamuyo
  21. Bailarías
  22. El amanecer
  23. Libertad

Juan D'Arienzo - Solo Tango

Juan D'Arienzo - Solo Tango

BMG 71372

This CD, the reprint of the old FM Tango CD, is (was) the best D'Arienzo CD ever made, with a mix of 30s and 50s tracks. For a long time it was our recommended D'Arienzo CD. Then it got deleted.

Then last month it reappeared. I can't get a straight answer from BMG whether it's been reprinted or not. In the meantime - we have some. If you don't have this, you will want it for the outstanding 50s tracks, many of which have been unjustly ignored by history.

Track list

Because D'Arienzo recorded his hits on so many occasions, we include the recording dates so that you know which version you are getting.

  1. La puñalada milonga (1951)
  2. Don Juan (1950)
  3. Canaro en Paris (1950)
  4. El flete (1936)
  5. Yapeyú (1951)
  6. Rawson (1936)
  7. Joaquina (1953)
  8. Independencia (1953)
  9. Felicia (1939)
  10. Pampa (1939)
  11. El irresistible (1954)
  12. La payanca (1954)
  13. El enterriano (1954)
  14. El internado (1954)
  15. Jueves (1955)
  16. La catrera (1955)
  17. Loca (1955)
  18. Don Goyo (1957)
  19. Más grande que nunca (1958)
  20. La cumparsita (1951)

RCA Victor 100 Años - Carlos Di Sarli

RCA Victor 100 Años - Carlos Di Sarli

BMG 87490

What's this doing here? Isn't it deleted?

Well it is, and if you are a regular shopper on this site you either have one or its replacement. For anyone who doesn't - you really should get one of these.

Track List

  1. Bahía Blanca
  2. Milonguero viejo
  3. Rodríguez Peña
  4. Buenos Aires
  5. La cumparsita
  6. La morocha
  7. Don Juan
  8. A la gran muñeca
  9. Fumando espero
  10. Comme il faut
  11. 9 puntos
  12. El ingeniero
  13. El once
  14. Verdemar
  15. Germaine
  16. El jagüel
  17. El amanecer
  18. Nido gaucho
  19. Organito de la tarde
  20. Cara sucia
  21. Viviani
  22. Palabras de Carlos Di Sarli - El choclo


Roberto Florio (4,9); Oscar Serpa (14); Mario Pomar (18)

Francisco Canaro - Bailando Tangos, Valses y Milongas

Reliquias 595159

This is our recommended Canaro CD, but we've never offered it in the club before and it's just possible you don't have one.

This cd has tracks recorded between 1935 and 1941, which, unsurprisingly, is roughly the same time frame as the D'Arienzo cd above. The strong rhythms and simple rhythms are easy to enjoy, and the milongas are treasures

Track list

  1. Retintin
  2. Pampa
  3. La maleva
  4. Quiero verte una vez más
  5. Desde el alma vals
  6. Corazón de oro vals
  7. Tres jolie (muy lindo) vals
  8. Etincelles vals
  9. Milonga de mis amores milonga
  10. Reliquias porteñas milonga
  11. Milonga de antaño milonga
  12. Milongón milonga
  13. Pimienta
  14. Sentimiento gaucho
  15. El tigre
  16. Amor y primavera vals
  17. Dolores vals
  18. Aclamación vals
  19. Historia sentimental milonga
  20. La milonga de mis tiempos milonga

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