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Rodolfo Biagi: Manos Brujos (Enchanted Hands)

Rodolfo Biagi and his orchestra

Rodolfo Biagi was the pianist with the magic hands whose nervous, rhythmic style was an integral part of D'Arienzo's dance revolution of 1935. After three years with D'Arienzo he split to form his own aggregation. The rhythmic conception was more insistent than D'Arienzo's - Piazzolla found his music insipid - but this allowed him not to accelerate the pace, making it far easier to incorporate singers into his orchestra.

Biagi's orchestra was hugely popular with the dancers of his day for his rhythmic playfulness. Today there is a good selection of CD re-issues for us to enjoy.

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Sus éxitos con Jorge Ortiz

EMI 379158

Jorge Ortiz was without a doubt the singer who suited Biagi best. This was a reprint of the very first Biagi CD on Reliquias, which was mysteriously deleted.

Track list

  1. Humillación
  2. Indiferencia
  3. Trenzas
  4. Yuyo verde tango
  5. Madgala
  6. Ya lo ves
  7. Todo te nombra
  8. Guapo y varón
  9. Señor, señor
  10. Lágrimas y sonrisas vals
  11. Pájaro ciego
  12. Romántico bulincito
  13. Ahora no me conocés
  14. Quiero verte una vez más
  15. Yo también
  16. Si de mí te has olvidado
  17. No le digas que la quiero
  18. Carrillón de la Merced
  19. Misa de once
  20. La marcha nupcial


  • Jorge Ortiz (1-9, 11-20)
  • instrumental (10)

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This is easy: start collecting the albums on Reliquias. They are nine in all, and only two are not uniformly excellent throughout. I've decided to spare you the sight of those lime green and yellow covers - here's a list for you instead.

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