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Ricardo Tanturi

Tanturi Tanturi's is another of those solid, exciting dance orchestras that tango snobs like to denigrate - perhaps the most important after D'Arienzo and D'Agostino/Vargas. Even todotango can't seem to understand why this "mediocre" orchestra has become one of the favourites of recent years.

Whilst D'Arienzo is remembered largely despite his vocalists and D'Agostino because of them, Tanturi falls somewhere in the middle. He forged long lasting partnerships with unique vocalists, and it is thanks to them that the orchestra achieved the fame it did.

Odeón signed them in 1937 just to prevent them making records for anyone else (they did the same with Troilo), cutting just four sides. Real success came in 1939 with the incorporation of singer Alberto Castillo, and at the end of 1940 Tanturi signed with RCA-Victor. Castillo was a great showman as well as an excellent singer and he proved a great draw for the public, and it was no real surprise when he went solo in 1943, leaving behind 37 recordings with the orchestra which made him famous. Tanturi choose his replacement well, a young Uruguayian who was the only one not to try to imitate Castillo in the auditions. He took the stage name Enrique Campos. A less dramatic singer than Castillo, it's that very quality that made their recordings more beloved than those with Castillo for dancing.

El Bandoneón were "first to market" with a release of Tanturi, (Cuatro Compases with Alberto Castillo) but it was of low fidelity, and the follow up of Tanturi with Campos was even worse - basically unplayable. Salvation comes from Tango Argentino, who have two albums of Tanturi with Castillo, two with Campos, and a fifth with his later singers Osvaldo Ribó (Tanturi's main singer from 1946 onwards) and Roberto Videla.

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The Masters of Tango - Ricardo Tanturi - La Vida Es Corta

LCDM 2742317

We used to direct you to Tangos de mi ciudad on Tango Argentino, and if you only want to hear the early hits of Tanturi-Castillo that's still the place to go, but for an introduction to Tanturi there is, since Sept 2013, a better choice on le chant du monde's new Tango Masters series. This album presents selections from Tanturi's whole output, so you can hear recordings with both Alberto Castillo and Enrique Campos, as well as the later recordings with Osvaldo Ribó and Roberto Videla - these last being the best fidelity currently available anywhere. The disc starts in 1947 and works its way back to 1941.

Track list

  1. Vagabundo
  2. San José de Flores
  3. Callejero
  4. De todo te olvides
  5. Tiene razón amigazo
  6. Como aquella muñeca
  7. Llévame carretero
  8. Barrio viejo
  9. Calor de hogar
  10. Cuatro lágrimas
  11. Guiseppe le zapatero
  12. Discos de Gardel
  13. Bailongo de los domingos
  14. Barajando recuerdos
  15. La última copa
  16. A otra cosa che pebeta
  17. Canción de rango
  18. Recuerdo
  19. Cómo se pianta la vida
  20. La copa del olvido
  21. Recuerdo malevo
  22. El moro
  23. Noches de Colón
  24. Comparsa criolla
  25. La vida es corta
  • Osvaldo Ribó (1,4)
  • Roberto Videla (2,3,5-7)
  • duo Videla-Campos (8)
  • Enrique Campos (9-12)
  • Alberto Castillo (13-17,19-25)

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Just get all five volumes on Tango Argentino - if you can. They're great, and you won't regret it. Although Tanturi-Campos is preferred for dancing by the milongueros, I recommend you start with Tanturi-Castillo. Of the two albums, the second one is probably the one to start with because of its variety, even if the first has more of their "greatest hits".

Ricardo Tanturi - Tangos de mi ciudad

BMG 63357

Upbeat Tanturi-Castillo with a great selection of valses and especially milongas - Mozo Guapo and Mi Morocha are unmissable.

Track list

  1. Barajando recuerdos
  2. Decile que vuelva
  3. Mi romance vals
  4. Así es la milonga milonga
  5. Noches de Colón
  6. Ese sos vos
  7. Con los amigos (A mi madre) vals
  8. Mi morocha milonga
  9. Me llaman el zorro
  10. Comparsa criolla
  11. Mi piba
  12. Pocas palabras
  13. La serenata (Mi amor) vals
  14. Mozo guapo milonga
  15. La vida es corta
  16. El moro
  17. Un crimen
  18. Marisabel vals
  19. Tango (Voz de tango)
  20. Recuerdo vals
  • Alberto Castillo (1-9,11-20)


BMG 41295 BMG 41296 BMG 63355 BMG 63356 BMG 63357

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Since the demise of Euro Records there simply isn't anything more on CD - sorry. Check out the Videla/Ribó release on Tangotunes, pictured left. The sound fidelity is much better than on the Reliquias CD.

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