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This small Argentine label has a reputation for some of the least reliable information in the industry, but they have nice covers - something that DBN haven't worked out. Just make sure you know what you're buying.

Magenta have been hard to get hold of but in 2012 they reprinted some of their CDs. We make some recommendations below. Only the D'Arienzo album is truly essential. Many of the rest make good gifts, but there are often better choices for the serious collector.


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This label is entirely deleted.


Ricardo Tanturi con Alberto Castillo - Muñeca Brava

Magenta 9051

A beautiful cover and of course great music but average transfers. Don't do it! Get the CDs on Tango Argentino instead; see our Tanturi page for recommendations.

Track list

  1. El tango es el tango
  2. Ese sos vos
  3. Así se baila el tango
  4. La copa del olvido
  5. Moneda de cobre
  6. Al compás de un tango
  7. Muñeca brava
  8. Decile que vuelva
  9. Canción de rango
  10. Esta noche me emborracho
  11. Con los amigos
  12. Como se pianta la vida
  13. Pocas palabras
  14. Cuatro compases
  15. Recuerdo malevo
  16. Mozo guapo milonga

Francisco Canaro: Ojos Negros

Magenta 9053

Another Canaro album; is it any good?

Magenta's information is never good, but on this album they have surpassed themselves. There are dates on the back - something which would will be really helpful with Canaro who had such a long career! But no my friends, these are not recording dates! These are the dates that the pieces were composed. They have no relationship to the recording dates at all; some are more than 30 years later. Moreover, the CD also includes tracks from the Quinteto Pirincho

However: buried in amongst all this are some real gems. El triunfo is simply beautiful, and the tango Canto por no llorar with Charlo - who else - exquisite.

Ojos negros is the beautiful instrumental version from 1932, unavailable elsewhere on CD. (By the way: it turns out that Ojos negros que fascinan on La Cumparsita - Tango Argentina is not with Ernesto Famá at all, but is with Roberto Maida from 1935). Si yo fuera millonario is an excellent, typically up-beat Canaro tango from 1933 and the vals Vibraciones del alma is the 1956 version by the full orchestra.

And for those of you who like the modern sound, there are 5 tracks recorded in the 1960s - in stereo! These are: Pájaro azul Quiero verte una vez mas Bandoneón arrabalero Tres esperanzas and Tiempos viejos (Te acordás hermano). The unfamiliar names of the vocalists are a bit of a clue here, although not in the case of Eduardo Adrián who was singing with Canaro back in the 1940s.

To clear up the remaining confusions: the tangos Tierra negra, A la gran muñeca Milonga con variaciones and the milonga Arrabalera are by the Quinteto Pirincho whilst the delightful polca (!) Recuerdos is by the earlier incarnation of that group, Quinteto Don Pancho.

Goodness, that was hard work. This is why you come to!

Track list

  1. Pájaro azul (1964)
  2. Milonga con variaciones
  3. Ojos negros
  4. Arrabalera milonga
  5. Tierra negra
  6. Quiero verte una vez mas (1961)
  7. Canto por no llorar
  8. Bandoneón arrabalero
  9. El internado
  10. Tres esperanzas (1960)
  11. A la gran muñeca
  12. El triunfo
  13. Vibraciones del alma (1956) vals
  14. Recuerdos polca
  15. Tiempos viejos
  16. Si yo fuera millonario

Francisco Canaro y su orquesta except:

  • Quinteto Pirincho (2,4,5,9,11)
  • Quinteto Don Pancho (14)


  • Alberto Arenas (sings the pregón on 5)
  • Ernesto Rondó (6,15)
  • Charlo (7)
  • Isabel de Grana (8)
  • Eduardo Adrián (10)
  • Ernesto Famá (16)

Carlos Di Sarli - Duelo Criollo

Magenta 9063

Lovely Di Sarli album with 13 late 40s tracks from the baritone Jorge Durán, and 3 from Roberto Rufino. This was never the best choice for the collector, as you will want much more of both Durán and Rufino and for this one must turn to Tango Argentino. In any case, it's deleted.

Track list

  1. Acuérdate de mí
  2. Un tango... y nada más
  3. Otra vez carnaval
  4. Que no sepan las estrellas
  5. Vieja luna
  6. Porteño y bailarín
  7. Clavel del aire
  8. Tus labios me dirán
  9. Duelo criollo
  10. Mañana zarpa un barco
  11. Cosas olvidadas
  12. Tú intimo secreto
  13. Así era mi novia
  14. Cascabelito
  15. Con alma y vida milonga
  16. Hoy al recordarla


  • Jorge Durán (1-9,12,13,15-16)
  • Roberto Rufino (10,11,14)

Pugliese/Vidal - Vieja Recova

Magenta 9097

Scorching Pugliese sides from 1949-1950

In 1949, singer Jorge Vidal was homeless, and sleeping in the back of the bar where he performed. Pugliese discovered him and asked him to join his orchestra. Vidal agreed, but free spirit that he was he stayed only a year before going solo once again. They recorded only eight sides together.

This CD on Magenta is a reprint of the same LP that appears also on El Bandoneón. It includes Pugliese's electrifying instrumental composition Malandraca, one of the triptych of works he composed in the 1940s that define his style. If you don't like this music, Jack you dead.

Vidal is a very powerful baritone - my hair stands on end just thinking about his voice. Wonderful music and underappreciated: Pugliese just seems to be too much for a lot of people.

Customer review

Pugliese - Vidal is otherworldly, I could spend a whole night dancing just to this cd... - D.D.

Track list

  1. Ventanita de arrabal
  2. Vieja recova
  3. Puente alsina
  4. Malandraca
  5. Boedo
  6. Barra querida
  7. Testamento de arrabal
  8. La cieguita
  9. Porqué canto el tango
  10. Un baila a beneficio milonga


Jorge Vidal (1-3, 6-10)

Juan D'Arienzo canta Alberto Echagüe - La Morocha

Magenta 9101

Scandalous but true: the only place you can hear some of D'Arienzo's early hits with Echagüe.

Track list

  1. La morocha
  2. Cabeza de novia vals
  3. Ansiedad
  4. No mientas
  5. Que Dios te ayude
  6. Retintín
  7. Don Esteban
  8. El baqueano
  9. Pénsalo bien
  10. El irresistible
  11. El vino triste
  12. Melodía porteña
  13. Unión Cívica
  14. Estampa de varon milonga
  15. Milonga querida milonga
  16. De antaño milonga


Alberto Echagüe (2-5,9,11,14-16)

Osvaldo Pugliese - Amurado

Magenta 9105

A good selection of early Pugliese skewed towards the vocals. Quite rightly from the dancer's point of view, those vocal tracks favour Roberto Chanel, Pugliese's best singer for dancing.

The transfers are clean - to my ear, over-cleaned. If you like your music completely without crackles, then this is for you, but this is not my first choice. Sporadic supply

Track list

  1. Amurado
  2. Principe
  3. Nada más que un corazón
  4. Silbar de boyero
  5. Farol
  6. Adiós Bardi
  7. Anda que te cura Lola milonga
  8. Muchachos comienza la ronda
  9. Fuimos
  10. Una vez
  11. El día de tu ausencia
  12. Mala pinta
  13. Ojos maulas
  14. Tu casa ya no está
  15. La mascota de barrio
  16. El tango es una historia


  • Alberto Morán (2,10,13)
  • Roberto Chanel (3-5,7-9,11,14-16)

Héctor Pacheco canta sus exitos con Osvaldo Fresedo

Magenta 9107

1960s recordings, not with Fresedo or even Carlos García, but with a backing group Pacheco calls the Orqusta Típica Don Osvaldo after Fresedo, not Pugliese ;)

I don't normally like these 1960s vocals, but the interpretation of Corrientes y Esmeralda is really special.

Track list

  1. El Once (A divertirse)
  2. Nubes de humo (Fume compadre)
  3. Pero yo sé
  4. Dónde estás, corazón?
  5. Corrientes y Esmeralda
  6. Viejo rincón
  7. Organito de la tarde
  8. El pescante
  9. Vida mía
  10. Garufa
  11. Por la vuelta
  12. Julián


  • Héctor Pacheco (2-5, 8-11)

Tangos de la epoca del fonógrafo

Magenta 9109

And now for something completely different!

This is a CD of the earliest tangos. It contains some of the very first tango recordings ever made, way back in 1905. including the first tango with vocals, El criollo falsificado by the Gobbi duo (Alfredo's parents).

The fidelity is surprisingly good throughout. A fascinating document for those who want to hear the roots of tango from over a century ago.

Track list

  1. Tango (poem) - Raúl Rinaldi recites over "Bartolo" by Alfredo Gobbi
  2. El choclo - Banda Municipal (1905)
  3. La franela - Manuel O. Campoamor (1905)
  4. Esquinita del recuerdo - Raúl Rinaldi recites over "Damas Porteñas" by Orquesta La Danza
  5. El criollo falsificado - Alfredo y Flora Gobbi
  6. Santa milonguita - Raúl Rinaldi recites over "La Pebeta" by Juan Maglio
  7. El perverso - Juan Maglio (1913)
  8. Ahi nomás - Vicente Greco (1911)
  9. Del arrabal - Raúl Rinaldi recites over "El Incendio" by Vicente Greco (1911)
  10. Cuidado con los 50 - Alfredo y Flora Gobbi
  11. Los mamertos - Angel Villoldo
  12. Deschave chorro - Raúl Rinaldi recites over "Para una muchacha solitaria" by Daniel Lomuto
  13. La budinera -Banda Municipal (1910)

Felipe Antonio - Tangos Valses Milongas Pasodobles

Magenta 88020

Felipe Antonio was another artist like Rafael Rossi who made music with a countryside feeling - even when performing city music. The group sounds like a trio of a bandoneón (presumably Antonio himself) backed by two guitars. The arrangements are very simple, the playing unsophisticated, but it's charming, relaxing and easy to enjoy.

Despite the title, I couldn't find any milongas here.

Track list

  1. Nueve de julio
  2. Rosas de otoño vals
  3. El amanecer
  4. Ensueño vals
  5. Jueves
  6. Manojito de claveles pasodoble
  7. Siga el corso
  8. El niño de las monjas pasodoble
  9. Una lágrima vals
  10. El choclo
  11. Quitapenas pasodoble
  12. Tendrás que llorar vals
  13. Derecho viejo
  14. Desde el alma vals
  15. La viruta
  16. El aeroplano vals
  17. Sentimiento gaucho
  18. Sueño de cascabel pasodoble

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