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astor piazolla

Astor Piazzolla

Astor Piazzolla is tango's perennial bad boy, known today for his moody bandoneón pieces. He joined Troilo's orchestra and as well as arranging he also occasionally substituted for their mecurial and unreliable pianist Orlando Goñi. Piazzolla split with Troilo, following the experiment of Francisco Fiorentino with Orlando Goñi, and when that failed he directed an orchestra for Fiorentino that recorded 24 numbers. The music was polished, but had little commercial success, because it was not intended for dancing

After this, Piazzolla set up his own orchestra típica (1946-1948). The music has moments of genius and fabulous bandoneón playing from Roberto Di Fillippo but again, with his disregard for the dancer, the music was a critical failure.

Piazzolla returned to Troilo as arranger but the main problem was his disregard for the dancers. On one occasion at Luna Park, many people stopped dancing to listen to a piece that was one of Piazzolla's arrangements. Piazzolla was delighted, but Troilo was furious.

Astor Piazzolla courted and enjoyed the controversy that surrounded him. Of all the artists on this site, he is the one who merits a picture of himself alone rather than with his groups.

For the collector, Piazzolla presents challenges. In a career characterised by experimentation and individuality, he changed the format of his groups many many times and the quality of his material varies enormously.

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astor piazzolla: Essential Tango

For a general compilation with many of his most popular tracks, we recommend the 2 CD set Essential Tangos on Manteca.

Track list


  1. Los Sueños
  2. Vuelvo Al Sur
  3. Milonga Del Angel
  4. Muerte De Angel
  5. Resurrección Del Angel
  6. Buenos Aires Hora Cero
  7. Tanguedia II
  8. Verano Porteño
  9. Moderato
  10. Tristeza separación
  11. Milonga For Three
  12. Otono Porteño
  13. Adios Nonino

CD 2

  1. Libertango
  2. Fuga Y Misterio
  3. Tanguedia III
  4. Duo De Amor
  5. Ausencias
  6. Mumuki
  7. Contrabajisimo
  8. Luna
  9. Regreso Al Amor
  10. Lento Melancolico
  11. Balada Para Un Loco

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Tango Piazzolla: Key Works 1984-1989

Piazzolla's most accessible work is undoubtedly from his final years. Wonderful versions of Oblivion, Vuelvo al sur (with Goyeneche) and Los sueños made Astor Piazzolla: Key Works 1984-1989 on the British label Music Club the best introduction to Piazzolla's music.

Regrettably this is long deleted and now unavailable.

Track list

  1. Vuelvo al sur
  2. Ausencias
  3. Obivion
  4. Tanti anni prima
  5. Tango-tango
  6. Tristeza, separación
  7. Los sueños
  8. Duo de amor
  9. Tanguedia III
  10. Milonga del ángel
  11. Adios nonino
  12. Nuevo tango
  13. Camorra II
  14. Regreso al amor

cover artwork

Piazzolla y Goyeneche en el Teatro Regina 1982

For the very best recording of Balada Para Un Loco I strongly recommend this fine live recordings of the electrifying 1982 concert in the Teatro Regina. Roberto Goyeneche joins for the last few tracks and just brings the house down.


Track list

  1. Tristezas de un Doble A
  2. La muerte del ángel
  3. Chiquilin de Bachín
  4. El gordo triste
  5. Cambalache
  6. La última curda
  7. Balada para un loco

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