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Donato Racciatti

Donato Racciatti was born in Uruguay, a country to which he remained loyal throughout his tango career. He formed his own orchestra in 1948 and started recording on the Uruguayan Sondor label. His style is often compared to D'Arienzo in that it is largely rhythmic, although it is rather simpler in execution in both the piano and bandoneons. This means its not as interesting as D'Arienzo, but nevertheless, the music's strong beats and the contributions of great singers have carved out a niche for Racciatti in the affections of the modern tango public.

Donato Racciatti - 20 exitos originales

Sony 781033

This CD was released by Sony Argentina in 2011 and is the only album of Donato Racciatti easily obtained. It contains Nina Miranda's Gloria and Tu corazón, perhaps Racciatti's most popular track, as well as four instrumental tangos. These are mono recordings from his best years, 1950-1960 - there are no recording dates or sleeve notes.

Track list

  1. Tu corazón
  2. El porteñito tango milonga
  3. Fumando espero
  4. Gloria
  5. Rodríguez Peña
  6. Venganza
  7. Re-fa-si
  8. Sentimiento guacho
  9. Sus ojos se cerraron
  10. Yira yira
  11. Sin estrellas
  12. Lagrimas y sonrisas vals
  13. Garufa
  14. La cumparsita
  15. La novena
  16. A media luz
  17. De tardecita
  18. No quiero ni acordarme
  19. Vencida
  20. Andate con la otra

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