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Juan Maglio "Pacho"

Juan Maglio ("Pacho"), an excellent bandoneón player, was on the most important figures in the early days of tango. Around 1912 he became the most popular tango artist in Buenos Aires, so much so that his record label Columbia gave him his own series of records, the famous TX series.

Juan Maglio - Sábado Inglés 1927-1930


El Bandoneón have three CDs of Juan Maglio, but only one is from the period we are interested in as dancers, the years 1926-1934. This is Sábado Inglés (1927-1930). It's stuffed to the gunnels with five star tracks with ourstanding fidelity and virtually no overlap with the Euro album. We've tracked down the vocalists for you in the tracklist below (this is information you won't find on the CD), principal among them Carlos Viván who sang extensively with Roberto Firpo's orchestra in the 1930s. Maglio's virtuoso bandoneón is on good display in tracks such as Qué vachaché. Enjoy!

Track list

  1. Quejas de bandoneón
  2. Arrabalero
  3. Ventanita de arrabal
  4. La copa del olvido
  5. Cuando llora la milonga
  6. Leguisamo solo
  7. Noche de reyes
  8. Amurado
  9. Sábado inglés
  10. Che papusa, oi!
  11. Orillas del plata vals
  12. Milonguero viejo
  13. Esta noche me emborracho
  14. Que vachaché
  15. Alma en pena
  16. Malevaje
  17. Tango argentino
  18. Armenonville
  19. Viejo smoking
  20. Almagro
  • José Galarza (10,15)
  • Carlos Viván (7,8,12,13,14,16)

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