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The Masters Of Tango

This is a small series of 12 albums from the French publisher le chant du monde. The first six were in March 2013, and the next six on 30th September 2013, with the release of one further album (of Manuel Pizarro) cancelled. The highlight: an album of Pedro Laurenz.

Le chant du monde have not licensed the transfers from Argentine companies but have made their own from French private collectors, with professional re-mastering. The sleeve notes are really excellent, written in three languages and including recording dates. And of course, the covers are beautifully designed - a far cry from what we are used to. Each album has 25 tracks and is very good value for money.

With the exception of the Piazzolla album, each disc proceeds in reverse chronological order, i.e. the most recent tracks first, going back in time through the album. I don't know why they have done this, perhaps this is more accessible for beginners.

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Carlos Gardel - Si Soy Así

LCDM 2742301

A nice compilation but lacking his greatest hits

Track list

  1. La última copa
  2. Una tarde
  3. Dandy
  4. Esta noche me emborracho
  5. Alma en pena
  6. Bandoneón arrabalero
  7. La muchacha del circo
  8. Muñeca brava
  9. Lo han visto con otra
  10. Vieja recova
  11. Viejo smocking
  12. Mi noche triste
  13. Almagro
  14. Tarde gris
  15. As de cartón
  16. Silbando
  17. Farolito de papel
  18. Anclao en París
  19. Tomo y obligo
  20. Rencor
  21. Ventarrón
  22. Me da pena confesarlo
  23. Si se salva el pibe
  24. Desdén
  25. Si soy así

The Masters of Tango - Quinteto Pirincho - Champagne Tango

LCDM 2742303

Don't be fooled: it says Francisco Canaro, but this is actually a compilation of Canaro's Quinteto Pirincho.

Track list

  1. El choclo
  2. Derecho viejo
  3. Don Esteban
  4. El pollo Ricardo
  5. Champagne tango
  6. El Garrón
  7. El alacrán
  8. La viruta
  9. El flete
  10. El ciruja
  11. Gloria
  12. Quejas de bandoneón
  13. El chamuyo
  14. Charamusca
  15. La maleva
  16. La quebrada
  17. El internado
  18. Alfredo
  19. Una noche de garufa
  20. A su majestad
  21. Pimienta
  22. El apache argentino
  23. El once
  24. Tana linda
  25. El triunfo

The Masters of Tango - Osvaldo Fresedo - Una gota de rocío

LCDM 2742309

This disc has me puzzled. Open the box and you have superb, extensive sleeve notes with a lot of information about Fresedo's early years. They then switch to focus on his development in the 1950s, with some nice anecdotes about Fresedo's musical encounter with Dizzy Gillespie in 1956. However the tracks selected don't have much to do with this essay. The compilation ranges from 1942-1957, in mostly chronological order. The first part of the disc is outstanding, with some nice Oscar Serpa vocals in good fidelity. 1948's Cafetín de Buenos Aires is especially surprising.

However from here on we are in the 1950s: Roberto Pansera's strong instrumental arrangements mixed with the sugary vocals of Héctor Pacheco. As they say in football, definitely a disc of two halves.

Track list

  1. Rodríguez Peña
  2. Al cerrar los ojos
  3. Cosas viejas
  4. Uno
  5. En cada puerto un adiós
  6. Noches largas
  7. Cafetín de Buenos Aires
  8. Para lucirse
  9. A la parilla
  10. Vamos vamos Zaino viejo
  11. Prepárense
  12. Contratiempo
  13. Pero yo sé
  14. Ninguna
  15. Adiós muchachos
  16. La casita de mis viejos
  17. Una gota de rocío
  18. El once
  19. Triunfal
  20. Preludio N°3
  21. Apasionado
  22. Divina
  23. Por que?
  24. En mis noches
  25. La viruta
  • Oscar Serpa (2-6)
  • Osvaldo Cordó (7)
  • Armando Gorrindo (10)
  • Héctor Pacheco (13-14,16-17)
  • Carlos Barrios (22)

The Masters of Tango - Julio De Caro - Tierra Querida

LCDM 2742310

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A real surprise, le chant du monde have chosen to publish De Caro's final recordings from 1950-1952. The disc includes Mi dolor, Aníbal Troilo and the 1952 Flores negras.

The last four tracks are sextet recordings from 1927-1928 Outstanding.

Track list

  1. Derecho viejo
  2. Moulin rouge
  3. Maipo
  4. Tierra querida
  5. Ojos negros
  6. Flores negras
  7. Recuerdo
  8. Mala pinta
  9. El arranque
  10. Loca bohemia
  11. Todo corazón
  12. Buen amigo
  13. Mi dolor
  14. Chiclana
  15. Boedo
  16. Guardia vieja
  17. De rompe y raja
  18. Mala junta
  19. Aníbal Troilo
  20. El monito
  21. Copacabana
  22. Adiós pubelo
  23. Aromas
  24. Gallo ciego
  25. Quejas de bandoneón
  • Orlando Verri (12,13)

The Masters of Tango - Juan D'Arienzo - El simpático

LCDM 2742312

This excellent instrumental album is just a little too even for its own good. Starting in 1941 and finishing in 1961, the last four of the 25 tracks have tipped over the edge. Ignore them, however, and you have a very useful 40s/50s compilation album.

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Track list

  1. El resero
  2. Vea vea
  3. El romántico
  4. Don Alfonso
  5. La maleva
  6. Canaro en París
  7. Tucumán
  8. Don Juan
  9. La cumparsita (1951)
  10. El simpático
  11. Yapeyu
  12. Luis Alberto
  13. El pollo Ricardo
  14. Julie
  15. Don Goyo
  16. El embrollo
  17. Criollo de ley
  18. Don Alejandro
  19. Barrio Belgrano
  20. Mas grande que nunca
  21. Tapado gris
  22. Mi viejo Montevideo
  23. Puro tango
  24. Gran señor
  25. Poco y bueno

The Masters of Tango - Angel D'Agostino - Café Domínguez

LCDM 2742313

An excellent D'Agostino/Vargas selection with the iconic, later (from 1955) Café Domínguez thrown in for good measure. Since Euro ceased production this is the only way to get this track. One mistake actually works in our favour: Un copetín is not the 1941 recording with Angel Vargas, but the 1952 one with Ruben Cané, also presently unavailable on CD. There is quite a lot of overlap with Tango de Los Angeles vol.4, but unless you are in the habit of cleaning CDs, you will prefer the sound on this album. Good fidelity throughout - warmly recommended.

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Track list

  1. Café Domínguez
  2. Serpentinas de esperanza
  3. Rondando tu esquina
  4. A quién le puede importar?
  5. Caricias
  6. Menta y cedrón
  7. Shusheta
  8. Cuando se ha querido mucho
  9. Rosiata la Santiageña
  10. Palais de glace
  11. La nueva vecina
  12. Mi viejo barrion
  13. La última cita
  14. El poncho de olvido
  15. Mano blanca
  16. Cantando olvidaré
  17. La carreta
  18. Me llaman tango
  19. Madre hay una sola
  20. Transnochando
  21. Gorriones
  22. Traiga otra caña
  23. Adiós arrabal
  24. Tres esquinas
  25. Un copetín

The Masters of Tango - Pedro Laurenz: Patria Mía

LCDM 2742314

le chant du monde are not owned by either BMG or EMI, which means they are free to print tracks from Laurenz's periods with both companies on this excellent compilation.

The discs are sensitively remastered and the fidelity is very good throughout.

Track list

  1. Arrabal
  2. Abandono
  3. No me extraña
  4. Desconsuelo
  5. Amurado
  6. Orgullo criollo
  7. Al verla pasar
  8. Es mejor perdonar
  9. Firuletear de bandoneón
  10. Nunca tuvo novio
  11. Venticuatro de agosto
  12. Alma de bohemio
  13. Patria mía
  14. Garúa
  15. Que nunca me falte
  16. Recién
  17. Yo quiero canta un tango
  18. Todo
  19. Muchachos mi último tango
  20. Como el hornero
  21. Llueve otra vez
  22. La madrugada
  23. Más solo que nunca
  24. Me están sobrando las penas
  25. Nada más que un corazón
  • Héctor Farrel (2)
  • Juan Carlos Casas (3-5,9)
  • Martín Podestá (7)
  • Alberto Del Campo (8)
  • Alberto Podestá (10-20)
  • Carlos Bermúdez (21-25)

The Masters of Tango - Carlos Di Sarli - Bahía Blanca

LCDM 2742315

A real mixed bag with some good tracks and some disappointments. le chant du monde's decision to include some of the alte instrumentals from RCA is a huge mistake, because they don't have access to the tape masters. The fidelity of these tracks is disappointing.

After this things pick up as we move in to the 1940s with some hard to find instrumentals. However, there are a couple of mistakes. Track 14 El once is not the promised 1946 version but a truly terrible transfer of the 1954 recording. Similarly, track 18 El ingeniero is not the rare 1945 version, but the 1955 recording.

Good for collectors, who may end up buying it just to get tracks like Tinta verde but for the casual listener this is one to be avoided.

Track list

  1. Bahía Blanca (1957)
  2. Viviani (1956)
  3. Nueve puntos (1956)
  4. El jagüel (1956)
  5. Rodríguez Peña (1956)
  6. Germaine (1955)
  7. Comme il faut (1955)
  8. Milonguero viejo (1955)
  9. La cumparsita (1955)
  10. Don Juan (1955)
  11. El amanecer (1954)
  12. A la gran muñeca (1954)
  13. El pollito (1947)
  14. El once (1954)
  15. El caburé (1946)
  16. Tinta verde (1945)
  17. Ojos negros (1945)
  18. El ingeneiro (1955)
  19. Royal Pigall (1944)
  20. Champagne tango (1944)
  21. Marejada (1941)
  22. Nobleza de arrabal (1940)
  23. Shusheta (El aristócrata) (1940)
  24. El pollo Ricardo
  25. El jaguar (1940)

The Masters of Tango - Osvaldo Pugliese - La Yumba

LCDM 2742316

A good compilation but with stiff competition, this will be bought by those looking for the prettiest album rather than the one that makes the best basis for your collection. Malandraca is missing and I would have loved to see the 1946 La yumba.

Track list

  1. La bordona
  2. Yunta de oro
  3. Pata ancha
  4. Marrón y azul
  5. Nochero soy
  6. Suipacha
  7. A Roberto Peppe
  8. A mis compañeros
  9. La rayuela
  10. Seguíme si podés
  11. La yumba (1952)
  12. El embrollo
  13. Si sos brujo
  14. Entrador
  15. Para dos
  16. Olivero
  17. El refrán
  18. Bien milonga
  19. Don Atilio
  20. El tobiano
  21. Don Aniceto
  22. De floreo
  23. Pinta brava
  24. Chuzas
  25. Negracha

The Masters of Tango - Ricardo Tanturi - La Vida Es Corta

LCDM 2742317

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If you are looking for the later recordings with Osvaldo Ribó and Roberto Videla, which are not in great fidelity on Tango Argentino, then this is the album for you. The disc starts in 1947 and works its way back to 1941. Most of the transfers are audibly LP transfers, with the same slight reverb that the Tango argentino discs suffer from. A great exception is El moro which is definitely from a 78 and the best transfer I've heard so far. Overall, a good introduction to Tanturi's oeuvre, favouring the later work, for which it provides a very good introduction.

Track list

  1. Vagabundo
  2. San José de Flores
  3. Callejero
  4. De todo te olvides
  5. Tiene razón amigazo
  6. Como aquella muñeca
  7. Llévame carretero
  8. Barrio viejo
  9. Calor de hogar
  10. Cuatro lágrimas
  11. Guiseppe le zapatero
  12. Discos de Gardel
  13. Bailongo de los domingos
  14. Barajando recuerdos
  15. La última copa
  16. A otra cosa che pebeta
  17. Canción de rango
  18. Recuerdo
  19. Cómo se pianta la vida
  20. La copa del olvido
  21. Recuerdo malevo
  22. El moro
  23. Noches de Colón
  24. Comparsa criolla
  25. La vida es corta
  • Osvaldo Ribó (1,4)
  • Roberto Videla (2,3,5-7)
  • duo Videla-Campos (8)
  • Enrique Campos (9-12)
  • Alberto Castillo (13-17,19-25)

The Masters of Tango - Aníbal Troilo - Tres y dos

LCDM 2742323

A very good but not a comprehensive compilation of Troilo's instrumentals. le chant du monde miss the chance to include Troilo's two 1938 tracks on Odeón and some of the classic 1941 tracks as well, but this is still a very strong album. Excellent transfers, often better than those on BMG.

Track list

  1. Guapeando
  2. Cordón de oro
  3. El tamango
  4. C.T.V.
  5. La tablada
  6. La maleva
  7. El chupete
  8. Inspiración
  9. Pablo
  10. La cumparsita
  11. Chiqué
  12. Bien porteño
  13. Piropos
  14. El entrerriano
  15. Quejas de bandonéon
  16. Fuegos artificiales
  17. Color de rosa
  18. El africano
  19. Bienvenida
  20. Tres y dos
  21. Buen amigo
  22. La revancha
  23. Ojos negros
  24. Patético
  25. A la parilla

The Masters of Tango - Astor Piazzolla - Bandó

LCDM 2742330

le chant du monde focus on the years when Piazzolla was closest to Paris, opening this CD with the recordings he made in Paris with his string orchestra (1955) (Tracks 1-13). Next come a couple of recordings made with his octet (1957) (Tracks 14-15). This was Piazzolla's most experimental period and the sound is surprisingly fully formed.

The remainder of the disc is more what you'd expect, quintet recordings from 1959-1961.

Track list

  1. Preprense
  2. Marrón y azul
  3. Imperial
  4. S.V.P.
  5. Sentido unico
  6. Estamos listos
  7. Chau París
  8. Bandó
  9. Luz y simbra
  10. Noniño
  11. Guardia nueva
  12. Contrastes
  13. Río Sena
  14. Neotango
  15. Taconeando
  16. Lo que vendrá
  17. Tango del ángel
  18. Tres minutos con realidad
  19. Triunfal
  20. Quinto año nacional
  21. Adiós Noniño
  22. Tanguísimo
  23. La calle 92
  24. Chiqué
  25. Redención

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