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Florindo Sassone

Florindo Sassone

Florindo Sassone belongs not to the golden age of tango but to the transition era of the 1950s and beyond. His big break came in 1947 when he discovered the singer Jorge Casal. The orchestra became a huge success (and Casal went on to sing with Troilo, the dream of every singer).

In the 1960s and 70s Sassone made recordings with huge lineups and its these recordings that are popular today amongst those for whom a lush sound is the most important thing.

However, Sassone does not really belong with the first rank of orchestras and there are therefore relatively few CDs available.

I'm on a budget - just give me something lush!

Tangos de oro

We have the disc for you! For this 1967 recording Sassone assembled a 42 piece orchestra. The selections are certainly international, including the two tangos by non-Argentine composers that have become accepted into the tango pantheon, El Escondite de Hernando (Hernando's Hideaway) and Celos (Jealousy), and one that didn't, Leroy Anderson's Tango Azúl (Blue Tango). This is our most popular Sassone cd, but purists be warned - you may not be able to take this seriously.

2000 release, 16 tracks

Track List

La cumparsita; Nostalgias; Re-fa-si; Caminito; La morocha; Rodriguez Peña; El choclo; A media luz; Chiqué; Carrillon de la merced; Quejas de bandoneón; El huracán; El escondite de Hernando; Ojos negros; Tango azúl; Celos

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