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The two angels: Angel D'Agostino / Angel Vargas

Angel D'Agostino with Angel Vargas

The tango of Los Dos Ángeles (the two angels) Ángel D'Agostino & Ángel Vargas, remains one of the most popular in the salons of Buenos Aires, and one of the least played in Europe. Pianist and musical director Ángel D'Agostino, an excellent dancer himself, took the steady walking beat of his friend D'Arienzo and gave it a softness and subtlety found nowhere else. In Ángel Vargas D'Agostino found his perfect singer, tasteful but without being over-refined. The combination D'Agostino / Vargas stands with Troilo / Fiorentino as one of the greatest of the 1940s. As with all great singers, the repertoire was carefully chosen, leaning in this case towards the nostalgic and heavily featuring the lyrics of D'Agostino's friend Enrique Cadícamo.

The style they fashioned together is simple and expressive, respecting both the rhythm and the melody. There is a certain indefinable magic about their performances which have made them a legend. They recorded 93 sides together before Vargas split from D'Agostino to pursue a successful solo career. After this, D'Agostino's orchestra was never the same.

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BMG 88808 D'AGOSTINO / VARGAS - Tango de los Angeles Vol.1 We used to say, get the CD on the RCA Victor 100 Años series (right). But since, unbelievably, that's now deleted, we have to direct you to the first of the four volumes entitled Tango de los Angeles on Tango Argentino.

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This is easy again: get the four volumes of Tango de los Angeles on Tango Argentino

D'AGOSTINO / VARGAS - Tango de los Angeles Vol.1 D'AGOSTINO / VARGAS - Tango de los Angeles Vol.2 D'AGOSTINO / VARGAS - Tango de los Angeles Vol.3 D'AGOSTINO / VARGAS - Tango de los Angeles Vol.4

After this you can get the volumes on Euro Records.

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