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Carlos García

The avant-garde is a label. The important musicians composed their oeuvre because they had a sacred fire inside them... The artist creates unconsciously, spontaneously. Pichuco, Di Sarli, De Caro, Salgán and even Piazzolla, created their oeuvre and none of them labelled himself as a vanguardist. They achieved that but were unaware of it. They show what they discovered, what they know, what flows naturally from them and nothing more. This is not avant-garde but a testimony of those that are gifted
- Carlos García

Tanturi Carlos García is one of the most romantic and delicate pianists to have graced tango music. Today he co-leads the Orquesta del Tango de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, together with Raúl Garello. Born in 1914, he was just a bit too young to be a full member of the Golden Age of tango.

His best recordings are those made with Roberto Grela in 1975 and two discs of piano solos published by Melopea. These have finally been reprinted on cd.

Carlos García also made some recordings with an orchestra in the years 1969-1974. This was not a permanent orchestra, but one put together for recording dates and for tours to Japan.

We're delighted to be able to offer you these exquisite albums of piano solos.

CDMSE 5022

Tangos en piano vol.1

I will never forget hearing this music for the first time. I was in Istanbul, where a turkish friend with a deep understanding of music had somehow discovered it. As we drove to the milonga he played me Shusheta and Viviani.

Volume 1 is really García's second album of piano solos, being recorded in 1991. His style has developed from the 1963 album, with more fire in the elaborated bass that link his delicate phrasing in the upper register. Listening to it I wonder how Carlos Di Sarli would sound playing solo.

Twelve tracks may not sound like very many but will leave you more than satisifed. This is playing of the very highest class - and you can dance to it as well. Simply a must.

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normal UK selling price: n/a (Argentine import)
our price: £9

Track list

  1. Galleguita
  2. Color de rosa
  3. Aquel tapado de armiño
  4. Loca bohemia
  5. Ojos negros
  6. Patotero sentimental
  7. La cieguita
  8. La casita de mis viejos
  9. Viviani
  10. Anoche a los dos
  11. Dos lunares
  12. Shusheta

CDMSE 5066

Tangos en piano vol.2

This is really the first album, being recorded in the studios of Radio Municipal in 1963.

More wonderful playing from this great pianist.

normal UK selling price: n/a (Argentine import)
our price: £10

Track list

  1. Mala pinta
  2. Quedémonos aquí
  3. Luna de arrabal vals
  4. Mi canción distinta
  5. Muñequita
  6. Madre mía
  7. Mi Buenos Aires querido
  8. El porteñito milonga
  9. Toda mi vida
  10. Niño bien
  11. Para lucirse
  12. Dónde estás corazón?
  13. El once
  14. Racconto
  15. Che papusa, oi!
  16. El choclo
  17. Mi estrella azul
  18. Con mi perro milonga
  19. Pichuqueando
  20. Yira, yira
  21. Invitada
  22. Porque no has venido

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You may be able to find some of García's orchestral work on EMI's deleted bailando tango label - ask us.

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