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Building a library - Recommendations for Beginners

Absolute beginners have special requirements. They need music which is not too complex which will help them to understand the rhythm and melody of tango, as well as music which will inspire them!

Compared to our "essential" selection, we offered a different D'Arienzo cd. Troilo and Pugliese lost their places to Canaro and Caló. Only the Di Sarli survived unchanged.

Tango Collection - Juan D'Arienzo

RGS 1639

D'Arienzo was the musician who propelled a city to its feet and these are the tracks with which he did it. This cd is stuffed to the gunnels with tangos which are strong and rhythmic without being as fast paced as his 50s sides, and it's also quite cheap.

Want more? Get Sus priméros éxitos 1935-1940 vol.1.

Track list

  1. Don Juan
  2. Pasíon vals
  3. El apronte
  4. La cumparsita
  5. Mentías vals
  6. Homero
  7. Gallo ciego
  8. Valsecito criollo vals
  9. El triunfo
  10. La mariposa
  11. Leila
  12. Charamusca
  13. Retintín
  14. Don Esteban
  15. No llores madre vals
  16. El irresistible
  17. El baqueano
  18. Inolvidable vals
  19. El cencerro
  20. La morocha
  21. Melodía porteña
  22. Valsecito de antes vals
  23. Unión cívica

Francisco Canaro - Bailando Tangos, Valses y Milongas

Reliquias 595159

Canaro was a populist, happy to accept his very considerable gifts to whatever seemed most popular at the time. This made him extremely successful, although as time progressed his work had less and less character. This cd has tracks recorded between 1935 and 1941, which, unsurprisingly, is roughly the same time frame as the D'Arienzo cd above. The strong rhythms and simple rhythms are easy to enjoy, and the milongas are treasures

Track list

  1. Retintin
  2. Pampa
  3. La maleva
  4. Quiero verte una vez más
  5. Desde el alma vals
  6. Corazón de oro vals
  7. Tres jolie (muy lindo) vals
  8. Etincelles vals
  9. Milonga de mis amores milonga
  10. Reliquias porteñas milonga
  11. Milonga de antaño milonga
  12. Milongón milonga
  13. Pimienta
  14. Sentimiento gaucho
  15. El tigre
  16. Amor y primavera vals
  17. Dolores vals
  18. Aclamación vals
  19. Historia sentimental milonga
  20. La milonga de mis tiempos milonga

Miguel Caló / Raúl Berón - Al compás del corazón

Reliquias 837413

Miguel Caló made some of the most romantic and lyrical music of the 1940s. Assembling a team of top musicians, many of whom went on to lead orchestras of their own, his Orchestra of the stars played arrangements of exquisite taste.

In 1942 Caló took a great risk in recording the track Al compás del corazón with his new vocalist Raúl Berón The lyric by the Exposito brothers was a great innovation: no broken hearts, but essentially a happy tango about a love on the road to fulfillment, with no looming shadows. It was a huge success, and together they established a new style, which was an evolution of tango at the emotional level.

This cracking cd, one of the very first on the Reliquias label, includes that breakthrough track and many more of equal quality. Essential.

Track list

  1. Al compás del corazón
  2. Transnochando
  3. Que te importa que llore
  4. Tarareando
  5. Azabache milonga candombe
  6. Lejos de Buenos Aires
  7. Tristezas de la calle Corrientes
  8. El vals soñador vals
  9. Jamas retornaras
  10. En tus ojos de cielo
  11. Margarita Gauthier
  12. Milonga antigua milonga
  13. Corazón, no le hagas caso
  14. Cuatro compases
  15. Un crimén
  16. Domingo a la noche

RCA Victor 100 Años - Carlos Di Sarli

BMG 87490

Di Sarli was the master of melody in tango. This CD presents recordings from the late 1950s, towards the end of his career, and contains most of the instrumentals he recorded at this time. The transfers are taken directly from the original studio tapes and sound as if they were recorded yesterday. This music has been overplayed, but for good reason: it's just immaculate, and the slow beat is as good for beginners as it is for advanced dancers, who will interpret this music in a different way.

If you already have this cd, then take Instrumental vol.2 on Tango Argentino instead. (There is a space on the PayPal payment form marked "special instructions to seller" which will allow you to tell us this).

Track list

  1. Bahía Blanca
  2. Milonguero viejo
  3. Rodríguez Peña
  4. Buenos Aires
  5. La cumparsita
  6. La morocha
  7. Don Juan
  8. A la gran muñeca
  9. Fumando Espero
  10. Comme il faut
  11. 9 puntos
  12. El ingeniero
  13. El once
  14. Verdemar
  15. Germaine
  16. El jagüel
  17. El amanecer
  18. Nido gaucho
  19. Organito de la tarde
  20. Cara sucia
  21. Viviani
  22. Palabras de Carlos Di Sarli - El choclo

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