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First tango CD

RCA Victor 100 Años - Carlos Di Sarli

BMG 84790

If you are looking for just one tango CD, then we definitely recommend Carlos Di Sarli. His steady walking beat and command of the melody make him one of the favourite orchestras for dancing.

This classic album presents 19 of the 23 instrumentals recorded in his last period with RCA (1954-1958) with pristine transfers straight from RCA's vaults. It sounds as though it was recorded last week

Perfect for beginners and experienced dancers alike, this is the best selling tango CD in the world.

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Track List

  1. Bahía Blanca
  2. Milonguero viejo
  3. Rodríguez Peña
  4. Buenos Aires
  5. La cumparsita
  6. La morocha
  7. Don Juan
  8. A la gran muñeca
  9. Fumando espero
  10. Comme il faut
  11. 9 puntos
  12. El ingeniero
  13. El once
  14. Verdemar
  15. Germaine
  16. El jagüel
  17. El amanecer
  18. Nido gaucho
  19. Organito de la tarde
  20. Cara sucia
  21. Viviani
  22. Palabras de Carlos Di Sarli - El choclo


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